La Familia Garza
Since I can remember burritos have been a part of my life. As a child my mom would send my brother and I to school with a small brown bag filled with 2 burritos and a napkin. 

Everyday before sunrise, I would wake up to a delicious aroma of homemade breakfast burritos.

Momma made ‘em and Pops’ sold ‘em.

Growing up, family and friends enjoyed staying over knowing that when morning came, a warm and delicious breakfast burrito awaited them while we sat around the kitchen table eating and wanting more!

We now have the pleasure of sharing and serving you these great tasting moments with you and your family. Every burrito made at our place is made by people who treat the customer as family. Our intention is not to only satisfy your appetite but for you to know we care about quality breakfast.

So always know that “we have Juan waiting for you”!

Martin J. Garza